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IQ-GPA (GlycoProteome Analyzer):

Automatic Identification and Quantification of Site-specific N- and O-Glycosylation

We have developed MS based high-throughput method for the analysis of N- and O-glycoproteome, named IQ-GPA, which can automatically identify the N- and O-glycopeptides including glycan compositions as well as amino acid sequences, and quantify multiple samples in high speed. We created novel three different scoring system such as M-score for glycopeptide selection from oxonium-ions, S-score for theoretical isotope pattern match of molecular ion, and Y-score for glycopeptide identification from MS/MS fragmentation (HCD/CID/ETD or EThcD). IQ-GPA also quantify the glycopeptides present at each end glycosylation sites of a glycoprotein using the combined intensities of top three isotope peaks at three highest MS spectral points (3TIQ).