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Software Requirements

For the id-GPA and q-GPA_TrapMS Search, you have to convert into two different formats – MS1(.ms1) and MGF.

Now you can run id- and q-GPA program under Windows system. (after install)

NOTE: We recommend setting memory to at least 8.0GB and 64bit Computer

After Install: Restart your computer for your changes to take effect.

How to run IQ-GPA (id-, q-) Windows executables:


1) make some folder to your computer, such as to


2) Copy your input files (“*.ms1”,” *.ms2”) to


3) Copy your GPA files (GPA-DB such as “AGP_NeuAc_GPADB.txt”) to


4) Open a command line window by

Start button -> run -> cmd

5) within the command line window, type

cd c:\some_place\ GPA_test

6) run GPA by typing command such as

GPA_TrapMS (or GPA_TofMS)

IQ-GPA (id-, q-) GUI (version1.0):


Video : Try the demo, and Learn more about IQ-GPA search with AGP standard data.

Download the full video for faster access to repeat viewing.

Orbitrap Data Search Tool
Q-Tof Data Search Tool